Technical Training and Capacity Support

We need to be hands-on.

Technicians play a crucial role in research projects and in protecting and preserving Africa’s fossil heritage. Skilled technicians are vital in the field for fossil surveys and excavations, in the laboratory for fossil cleaning, reconstruction and casting, and for curating fossil collections.

In our support and praise.

We support and develop these skills through multi-year mentorship programmes in cleaning, reconstructing and casting fossils at the National Museum in Bloemfontein, South Africa, and in other museums around Africa. PAST’s funding has facilitated young technicians to be trained under world-class fossil preparators. We also support workshops where technicians across Africa exchange knowledge and best practices in their specialties. We also supported a conference entitled “The Unsung Heroes of African Prehistory,” which celebrated and rewarded active and retired technicians from Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and South Africa.

And in the resources we share.

It’s not only about skills – PAST also supplies materials and equipment for African institutions responsible for preserving and curating fossil and prehistoric archaeological remains. Because these collections are the only records of our prehistoric past, the facilities housing the fossils are as important to our heritage as the most famous art museums.

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PAST is a certified Non-Profit Organisation.

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