Walking Tall New Season Launch 2018

The Palaeontological Scientific Trust (PAST) will mark this year’s Freedom Day with the South African launch of the new season of its groundbreaking Walking Tall Educational Theatre Project.


Taking place at the Origins Centre, the new performance, which tells the story of three teenage friends, and the different characters one of them encounters in the future when just 999 humans remain alive and the sixth mass extinction is in full swing.


The free 45 minute performance of the The Tree of Life will see the trio embark on a remarkable  journey that traces the history and origin of life on earth – from the formation of the universe 13, 8 billion years ago to the extinction of the dinosaurs and the evolution of hominids, including Homo sapiens. Among the discoveries made by the characters are that human beings are genetically 99.9% alike and that skin colour and superficial, physical differences are simply adaptations to the different environments Homo sapiens encountered during its expansion out of Africa. Another potent message from the performance is the deep interconnectedness of all life on earth; that plants, animals and human beings are all part of one tree of life that must be sustained and conserved.

To RSVP please contact hq@pastafrica.co.za

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