Walking Tall Mozambique Tour – International Museum Day

The award-winning Walking Tall Educational Theatre Project is heading to Mozambique for the first time, to mark International Museum Day on May 18th.

The project uses physical theatre and science workshops to tell the inspirational and educational story of our shared origins and is a programme of the Johannesburg-based Palaeontological Scientific Trust (PAST). Already seen by over 1.3-million schoolchildren, educators and communities in Africa, Walking Tall uses the origin sciences to confront misconceptions about race, conservation and science.

Walking Tall’s debut Mozambican performances will take place from May 13th to 17th at the Museu Nacional de Geologia, Museu História Natural and the Museu das Pescas. The programme also includes school visits to enable learners from the region to experience the powerful story of the fossil history of humankind and our place in nature.

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