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It took Little Foot, our ancient human ancestor, 3.67 million years to take her first trip out of Africa.

It is remarkable how one fossil can embody so much of what PAST stands for and how it came to be. Such is the case with the 3.67 million-year-old pre-human fossil skeleton nicknamed Little Foot from South Africa’s Sterkfontein Caves. In July, PAST used a short visit of Little Foot’s

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PAST brings the facts of our shared origins to Mozambique on International Museum Day

The award-winning Walking Tall Educational Theatre Project is heading to Mozambique for the first time, to mark International Museum Day on May 18th.
The project uses physical theatre and science workshops to tell the inspirational and educational story of our shared origins and is a programme of the Johannesburg-based Palaeontological

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Walking Tall – I See You draws emotional response at Constitution Hill premiere

PAST’s new Walking Tall corporate theatre show drew an emotional response during its premiere performance in the Women’s Gaol at Constitution Hill last week.
Sitting beneath the upper walkway of a building that once imprisoned Winnie Mandela and Albertina Sisulu, the audience was visibly moved by the powerful messages of

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