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PAST funds help verify new Kilombe localities

PAST funding has played a vital role in allowing researchers to verify a fossil and early archaeological locality in Kenya.
A palaeoanthropological group is currently working on the extinct volcano of Kilombe on the equator following a renewed survey by the British Academy links programme with National Museums of Kenya

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Art and Science meet in Viktor Radermacher’s Ledumahadi illustrations


An important element of the newly announced gigantic new species of dinosaur are the illustrations that bring to life the scientific research. Wits MSc student (Palaeontology) Viktor Radermacher is the person behind the breathtaking visuals that accompanied the global announcement on September 29th—and he is fast becoming recognised

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PAST funding helps fund new Kariandusi Museum booklet

PAST support has helped fund a new booklet for the Kariandusi Museum in Kenya.
The short guide was produced for the Kariandusi Museum working group, with the aid of the National Museums of Kenya, PAST and the British Academy’s Links and Mobility project. It will play an important part in

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