All From One Exhibition



Welcome to the website version of the PAST All From One exhibition. The physical version of the exhibition opened on 10 November 2015 and is touring South Africa. It has thus far stood outside the Standard Bank offices in Rosebank, Johannesburg, the Soweto Theatre in Soweto, the Iziko South African Museum in Cape Town, and Maropeng in the Cradle of Humankind outside Johannesburg.

The exhibition is a striking structure recalling both a DNA double helix and the skeletons of two large prehistoric animals. A smaller, reconfigured version of the exhibition was produced as part of the South African Treasures exhibition at the United Nation’s World Intellectual Property Organization General Assembly in Geneva in October 2016.

All-from-One-Exhibition-at-the-Soweto-Theatre All-from-One-Exhibition-at-the-Iziko-South-African-Museum


This website version of the exhibition contains similar information and some of the images from the two physical versions, plus additional information in “Dig Deeper” pages.

The All From One exhibition draws on scientific evidence about our shared human origins and the shared origins of all life forms in order to challenge commonly held ideas about humankind and our place in nature.

You will see that you are unique, but that you share strong bonds of similarity with all other people, based on a deeply rooted common humanity. As a species, you will see we are but one twig among millions on the tree of life that sustains us all.

All told, you will see that shared origins is a potent force for tolerance, unity, collaboration and conservation.




  • Department of Science and Technology (South Africa)
  • National Research Foundation (South Africa)


Department Science TechnologyNational-research-foundation


Producers and concept creators:

  •  Andrea Leenen and Prof. Robert Blumenschine, Palaeontological Scientific Trust


  • Trace

Content writers:

  • Robert Blumenschine, Andrea Leenen, Lauren Segal


  • Lauren Segal


  • Nabeel Essa

Graphic Design:

  • Josie Theron and Shannon Davis

Design Advisors:

  • Clive van den Berg & Carina Comrie

Project Manager:

  • Carol Sviridov

Text Editor:

  • Sandy Shoolman

Scientific Advisors:

  • Prof. Michele Ramsey, Prof. Himla Soodyall, Prof. Jody Hey, Prof. Nina Jablonski, Dr. George Chaplin, Prof. Anthony Barnosky, John Gurche