You can help us ensure that the science of our origins is made valuable to humankind’s future.

Donors to PAST can support our general operations, or designate their gift to a wide range of programmes that promote education, research and public outreach in the African origin sciences. Programmes donors might consider supporting include:

The Walking Tall Educational Theatre Project: to educate secondary school students about their ancient African heritage and to inspire them to pursue the origin sciences in their studies and careers.

Post-graduate Student Support: to provide bursaries for postgraduate students in the origin sciences, and funds facilitating the participation of African students in established origin sciences field schools.

Technical Training and Capacity Support: to provide training and support for field and laboratory technical assistants working on fossil survey and excavation, and on fossil collections.

Young African Scientist Development: to provide basic research support to recent M.A. and Ph.D. recipients in order to retain their scientific skills in Africa.

Research Project Support: to provide funding for cutting-edge museum, laboratory or field research in the origin sciences conducted by senior scientists based at African institutions.

Origin Sciences Publications and Conferences: to support African-based scientific journals and conferences focused on the origin sciences.

Public Understanding and Engagement: To promote the relevance of the African origins sciences to the general public in Africa and around the world.