Commitments to PAST’s
All from One campaign.


Join the thousands who have committed to tolerance, unity, collaboration and conservation.

PAST’s All from One campaign uses the science underlying the shared origins of all people and
the shared origins of all life forms to combat discrimination and promote nature conservation.

All from One was launched recently in Johannesburg and PAST’s aim is to expand the campaign globally.
Help us build greater tolerance, unity, collaboration and conservation by signing on to the campaign and sharing the message
and this webpage with your friends and family.

PAST asks you to commit to one or more of the campaign’s four ideals:


Because all people are 99.9% alike genetically, I will tolerate my few differences with others.


Because all people share common roots in Africa, I will unite with others.


Because our differences are skin deep, I will collaborate with others in building a better future.


Because all living things, including humans, are part of the same tree of life, I will conserve nature.

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