International Advisory Committee

PAST is establishing international advisory committees to provide their wisdom with regards to PAST’s international fundraising and awareness efforts.

Tom Barry (Founding Member)
Zephyr Management, L.P. New York, New York

Thomas C. Barry is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Zephyr Management, L.P., an emerging markets investment boutique which he founded in 1994. Zephyr has sponsored thirteen specialized investment funds with approximately US $2 billion in committed capital. Zephyr’s current private equity funds invest in Africa Zephyr’s marketable securities funds invest in stock markets of developing countries. Mr. Barry is active in numerous not-for-profits focused on economic development. Currently, he serves as a Director or Trustee of TechnoServe, Trickle-Up, ACCION, and Kucetekela Foundation.

Mark Florman

CEO British Private Equity and Venture Capital Association London, UK

In 1992 Mark created Maizels Westerberg & Co., one of the first independent merchant banks. He went on to specialise in the restructuring of failing companies. Mark has advised a wide variety of governments and industries.  He is  also an entrepreneur, having founded businesses in technology, media , transportation, publishing, private equity, banking and leisure, as well as think tanks, school building and international development programmes, charities and political campaigns. He has been active in politics for 15 years.

In 2004 he created Build a School, developing a new approach to rural community development in Africa’s poorest communities and is active on a number of African-related initiatives.  He co-founded the Centre for Social Justice, the UK think tank with a focus on poverty and welfare.  The CSJ published Breakthrough Britain, proposing reforms to welfare, social care, education, criminal justice and the third sector; new areas of work include global slavery and gang culture. In 2009 he founded 8 Miles with Bob Geldof.  In 2011 he founded the Mayor’s charity the Legacy List, to drive community development in Stratford following the Olympics.

Mark believes that trust and a wider duty is essential in business, and with government and civil society, business should work more to help improve the lives of communities. He defined the term “ERR”, to measure the external impact business has on society.  He has recently helped launch the Million Jobs campaign in the UK. In his capacity as CEO of the BVCA he has been providing economic, industrial and financial policy advice to governments and regulators.  In 2012 he co-founded the DNA Summit, to bring together the world’s most creative and innovative people with a view to working on solutions for the world’s poorest communities.

Principle positions include:

Chairman, CSJ; Strategic Adviser and Industry Ambassador, BVCA; Chairman, Spayne Lindsay LLP;  Special Adviser, 8 Miles; Patron, Build Africa;  Chairman, The Legacy List; Expert Committee Africa Enterprise Challenge Fund.

William “Bill” Frankel

Chairman of the Claude Leon Foundation (“CLF”)

Born and brought up in South Africa Bill practiced law in the City of London for over 45 years until his retirement in December 2013. He was the secret legal Consultant to Canon Collins’ International Defence and Aid Fund for Southern Africa since 1966 responsible for the funding of the legal costs of virtually every political trial during the days of Apartheid, including the trials of Nelson Mandela and other prominent political activists. Bill was appointed OBE by the Queen in her MilleniumHonours list for services to human rights. CLF is one of the major grant making educational and civil liberties charities in SA and Bill has considerable experience in issues of education, human rights and constitutionalism. Bill is also a trustee of numerous charities in the educational and human rights fields, including inter alia, UK charities promoted by the Universities of Wits, Stellenbosch and Fort Hare and also the Constitutional Court. In 2007 Bill was appointed an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Society of SA for services to science education and research in SA. In 2014 Bill was awarded the University of Cape Town’s Vice Chancellor’s Silver Medal for services to human rights, constitutionalism, education and philanthropy spanning many continents.