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Celebrating our shared African Roots and Common Humanity

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The science of our origins reveals the shared African roots of all people. PAST uses Africa's ancient fossil heritage to build African dignity, promote social cohesion and environmental conservation, inspire scientific curiosity among school-going youth, and establish African leadership in the sciences related to our origins.

Why Origins matter

PAST, The Palaeontological Scientific Trust, is a Johannesburg-based public benefit organization that since 1994 has been dedicated to the mission of protecting, preserving and promoting Africa’s ancient cultural and natural heritage for the benefit of Africans and humankind in its entirety. PAST does so by bringing together scientists, business, government and communities to support research, education and public awareness in the sciences related to our origins (palaeontology, prehistoric archaeology, palaeo-anthropology and allied disciplines). Our vision is to inspire scientific curiosity and an appreciation for ancient heritage among Africa’s youth, and to develop global scientific leadership by African origin scientists. Far from supporting a purely academic pursuit, PAST uses the science of our origins to promote three major themes of great relevance to modern social issues and future prospects in Africa, and, indeed, across the world.

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  • PAST Grant Applications Q2 2015

    PAST Q3 Grant Applications closing date is 01 August 2015.  For information email or click here